Pilzkundliches Museum

In one of the most wooded areas in Germany, a museum about the world of mycology should not be missed. Where else other than in the Wittgensteiner forests, would you find such good conditions for mushrooms to grow?

More than 4,000 species of fungi can be found in Nordrhein-Westfalen, nearly a quarter of the species with references to food value, ecology and hazard are exhibited in the Museum. Whether you are a amateur or a fungus specialist, you will get a lot of useful information at the Museum and can become familiar with the different types of fungus.

The idea behind the Museum was the desire to exhibit mushrooms without depending on the weather. This was made possible by freeze drying. Meanwhile, nearly 900 different types mainly from the surroundings of Bad Laasphe, but also “exotic” mushrooms of other regions are in the exhibition. In high season there is also a fresh mushroom exhibition.

Information about the way of life, reproduction and conservation is available at the Museum. But also lesser known properties of fungi are introduced, for example in medicine or in religions.

Such an overview of the world of mushrooms exists only in a few museums. For those who are interested in mushrooms, the museum is worth visiting.

Contact and more information:

Museum Director: Volker Walther
Wilhelmsplatz 3
57334 Bad Laasphe
Phone (+49 27 52) 8 98
Fax (+49 27 52) 77 89