Schloss Berleburg (castle)

Time travel through the princely chambers

As a family ancestral home, the castle Berleburg is one of the few noble residences in Germany, which has been inhabited by the same family for the last 750 years. This revile creates the atmosphere that makes the castle so special and invites you to a visit. A guided tour provides amongst others an insight few into the ballrooms, the great hall, the chapel, and some of the private chambers of the family of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg.

The journey takes you to the corps de Logis, completed in the year 1733 and further into the social rooms up to the oldest part of the castle. There, you can learn about the long family history and feel the solidarity of the region and the commitment for the county and its people. A return is worth it, because there is always something new to be seen.

The ambiance of the castle also offers a stylish venue for concerts, organized by the Berleburg cultural community. Impressive is the advent and Christmas season, particularly the Christmas tree tour in the castle.

Take a stroll through the castle grounds it's a perfect place to rest. The centuries old trees are perfect to day dream and relax. Small visitors will be delighted to feed the ducks, which live in the ponds.

For contact and further information:

Schloss der Fürsten zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg
Goetheplatz 8
57319 Bad Berleburg
Phone (+49 27 51) 93 60 10
Fax (+49 27 51) 34 90