Wild Wittgenstein

Thanks to a unique conservation project in Western Europe the Wisents live here in Wittgenstein in the wildness since 2013. The animals are related to the American shaggy Wisent and live in the local forest.

This largest land mammal in Europe roams freely through the Rothaar forests, where you find the Wisent-path. A 12.9 kilometres long tour leads from Wingeshausen through the Rohrbachtal via the Rothaarkamm to the village of Schmallenberg-Jagdhaus.

Through the picturesque valley Tal der Ihrige, and different paths in the valley of Bockeshorntal it goes back to Wingeshausen. The tour takes about four and a half hours.

Another Wisent herd has found their home in a natural enclosure. The “Wisent-wilderness on the Rothaarsteig” offers visitors an exciting adventure trail.

To start this tour please put:

Reit- und Fahrverein Aue-Wingeshausen
In der Wester 8
57319 Bad Berleburg

into your navigation system.

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Wisent Hütte

F*** Ferienhof Schenkel

Ferienhof Schenkel

Hotel-Restaurant "Forellenhof"

Hotel – Restaurant „Forellenhof“
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Aue-Wingeshausen: Sonnenhof, An der Bracht 50, Telefon 0170 4 41 27 10