Via Celtica

Tick like the celts

To experience nature and landscape in a different way – this seminal conjunction achieves the Via Celtica. The path is subject to the traces of a prehistoric people and its formative culture: the central theme is the world of the Celts, who lived in deep connection with nature and the landscape. Outstanding locations are showing their witchery.

More and more Europeans are discovering supposedly Celtic roots as part of their own heritage. Thus, the traces of the Celts last millennia to the present day. Regardless of whether the Celts actually lived in Wittgenstein, in Siegerland, in northern Hesse, or whether the regions were merely contact zones, here they should represent the early cultures and their cultural-historical human-nature relationship.

The Celts saw the landscape as a personal living being with whom it is possible to interact. Even for many humans of today this people is an ideal of the distant past, that attracts us with its aspirations, desires and imaginations.

The 14,5 km path of the Via Celtia permits us the possibility of information, interpretation and inspiration. Because of several steep parts and many paths, the trail is quite challenging. Basic requirements are a good condition, sturdy shoes and surefootedness.

Location/starting point:

The Laubrother Straße is located in the centre of Dotzlar at the primary school. There is a large parking lot available. Who arrives on the country road 553, turns off in the direction of Bad Berleburg. Already you are on the Laubrother Straße. llow the road until you see a traffic light. On the right side you will find the car park of the hiking trail.