Bei de Hullerkeppe

Walking through the worlds of Dotzlar

The themed hiking path doesn't only pay attention to the wild nature and the interesting history of the village Dotzlar, but also to the dialect. The juniper heads welcome you. Nomen est omen: Firstly, because the people from Dotzlar love to drink gin and second because the hiking path leads you through juniper heathland.

The path invites you to have a varied hike. It is possile to devide the path into three stages: Burgtour, Eisensteintour and the Kellertour.

“Bei de Hullerkeppe” leads past many interesting sights. From a chapel that was built in the 13th century, it leads you through a narrow pass to the costums-duty-tree. The oak tree markes the old border to the princely properties. In the past the Wallburg stood on the Burgberg; nowadays stone walls show where is was located. Along the Eder you meet stunning quartzite-cliffs.

In former times there were slate mines and split houses along the way. A huge slate tip shows this past. Wide sights open up towards ravines of the quarry, the church in Raumland, the Castle Berleburg and beautiful juniper heathlands.

Because of the hilly paths you should be fit. Sturdy footwear and sure-footedness are a must. Besides that we recommend a packed lunch.

Location/starting point:

The parking lot "Laubrother Straße" is located in the centre of Dotzlar. Coming from the direction of Raumland, turn left in Dotzlar to the "Kulturhalle". After 400 metres the parking lot is on the right side.