E-Mountainbike-Tour - start into healthtraining

Wir kombinieren Ihren 1-tägigen Präsenzkurs mit einem 8 Einheiten umfassenden Online-Modul

We combine your presence-course (one day) with an online module (8 parts). The basic-tour gives you the knowledge and skills you need for E-Mountainbiking. With professional Trainers you will improve your balance on your bike as well as your brake- and change-gear-technique. Your safety and self-confidence while driving through open terrain will improve as well.

Also you will learn how to effectively train your cardiovascular system. Afterwards you receive the codes for the online-module start into healthtraining. A short fitness-test will tell you your personal aerobic zone.

The course can be supported by your health insurance or your employer.



Contact and further information:

Mitarbeiter-Vital-Coaching UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Am Homberg 13
57319 Bad Berleburg
Phone (0 27 59) 21 48 96