E-Mountainbike-Tour: How to get rid of stress

E-Mountainbike-Tour – How to get rid of stress

We combine your presence-course (one day) with an online module (8 parts). The basic-tour gives you the knowledge and skills you need for E-Mountainbiking. With professional Trainers you will improve your balance on your bike as well as your brake- and change-gear-technique. Your safety and self-confidence while driving through open terrain will improve as well.

You will learn what stress does to our body and how we can react to it (e.g. movement). Afterwards you receive the codes for the online-module How to get rid of stress.

Also we will show you how to check your current stress-level. That level is important to react the right way, whenever you check it. Then a short fitness-test will tell you your personal aerobic zone.

The course can be supported by your health insurance or your employer.

Contact and further information:

Mitarbeiter-Vital-Coaching UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Am Homberg 13
57319 Bad Berleburg
Phone (0 27 59) 21 48 96