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Ödemzentrum Bad Berleburg
Klinik „Haus am Schloßpark“
Hochstraße 7
57319 Bad Berleburg
Phone (+40 27 51) 8 04 - 0
Fax (+49 27 51) 8 04 - 2 00

"Haus Am Schlosspark"

Specialised clinic for lymphology and oedema as well as a practice for lymphology and vascular diseases.

The clinic treats lymphatic drain problems, phlebostatic oedema, lip oedema as well as other congestion states which can be treated by means of physical oedema therapy. Clinic for rehabilitation and prevention. The therapeutic team of the clinic provides an individual therapy program for each patient from a large number of health program offers. Rehabilitation goals include restoring workability, improving self sufficiency, avoiding the need for care, coping with illness (learning to live with a chronic illness) and increasing the quality of life.